Kanye West’s Alleged Debt to Beanie Sigel Totals US$50-M

If you love reading the latest news about your favorite rapper, Kanye West, you will read about Beanie Sigel this week. You may feel astonished to learn that Kanye West’s alleged debt to Beanie Sigel is at the US$50-million level. 

Well, first of all, Beanie Sigel is a rapper from South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During a weekend appearance at a club in his hometown, he recently revealed how much money Kanye West had been attempting to give him.

You may wonder about Kanye West’s alleged debt to Beanie Sigel. The latter informed the onlooking crowd lately that he received a phone call from the 44-year-old billionaire rap star. 

Kanye West’s alleged debt to Beanie Sigel is US$50 million, per the Philadelphia rapper. Additionally, Beanie disclosed that Ye confirmed that he still owes him a five-percent stock in Yeezy.

He carried on explaining that Kanye West’s Yeezy brand amassed US$1.7 billion in sales last year. Therefore, you can tell that Kanye West’s alleged debt to Beanie Sigel involves an impressive chunk of cash, although Beanie did not disclose precisely how much that five-percent stock is worth nowadays.

You may wonder what led to Kanye West’s owing Beanie Sigel multi-million dollars. Well, going back to Kanye West’s recent appearance on DJ EFN and N.O.R.E.’s YouTube Show, “Drink Champs,” Yeezus confirmed that Beanie Sigel was the first person to call him “Yeezy.”

He relayed that such name was what the 47-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born hip-hop musician and actor provided him with when he was at Baseline. Kanye West’s alleged debt to Beanie Sigel had been acknowledged by the former.

Ye told “Drink Champs” hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that he had been trying to give the amount he owed to Beanie, who he affirmed made up the “Yeezy” name that has become a billion-dollar sneakers brand today.

When you read this news about Kanye West’s alleged debt to Beanie Sigel, you can tell that the Philadelphia musician is in for a massive payday soon.

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