Kasi Williams and Chuck Wicks to be Godparents to Jason and Brittany Aldean’s Kids

Celebration for Kasi Williams and Chuck Wicks isn’t quite over. Kasi’s brother Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany Kerr invited the newly engaged couple to be the godparents to their kids; son – Memphis Aldean and recently born daughter – Navy Rome. Jason has two more daughters from his previous marriage with Jessica Ann Ussery. The couple decided to part ways in 2013.

After rejoicing their engagement, the couple was welcomed by Jason and Brittany on March 11, and asked Kasi and Chuck to be the godparents to their kids in a sweet way. Jason and Brittany had prepared things for them before they could return from Canada. Upon their return, they had a few gifts and a card awaiting them. The card read –“One More Thing” and a request to be the godparents to their children.

Brittany Aldean

Kasi is overjoyed and she was emotional too. She revealed in one of the videos that Chuck and she were super excited to be godparents for her brother’s children.

Wicks has also posted an Instagram story clip where he says, “Let me think on it. Yes!” The couple is both happy and honored.

After Wicks began dating Kasi, he has become close to their family. He later revealed that he had purchased the ring long back before he could go down on his knees. Before he could propose Kasi, he had already taken permission for marriage from her father and her brother. Jason Aldean has always been supportive of his sister’s relationship with Chuck.

Kasi was earlier married to Bill Morstad and has a daughter from her previous marriage.

Kasi was proposed by Chuck recently and the couple got engaged on March 7. The event took place at Lake Louise in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The couple has even posted a video of their joyous moment on Instagram.

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