Comedian’s lawyer says he was staying with a friend who turned around and accused him of trespassing.

Katt Williams allegedly carried a crowbar when he entered an Atlanta-area home and made off with $3,555 in jewelry and collectable coins, according to police who spoke to the Associated Press about the comedian’s arrest on Sunday.

       However, a lawyer for the self-proclaimed pimp says his client is completely innocent of burglary and criminal trespassing charges stemming from accusations that he broke into someone’s home.        

       The 38-year-old remained at the Coweta County jail Monday after a judge set bond at more than $41,000 during a court hearing.

       According to Katt’s lawyer William Briggs, Williams was in Georgia shooting a movie and staying at the property of the movie’s producer, Barry Hankerson. Briggs told TMZ that Williams was involved in a dispute with one of Hankerson’s employees who lives in the guesthouse, and the employee called the cops and reported a faux burglary.       

       Briggs adds Katt had “full permission” to be on the property and has been staying there for the last three weeks.

       In a recording of a 911 call obtained by TMZ, , the caller says Williams wouldn’t let him leave and “threatened to beat me up.” The caller also said he wasn’t sure if Williams had a weapon.

• Williams was admitted to a psych ward in South Carolina last November and was arrested on gun charges in New York before performing hours later at Carnegie Hall. Prosecutors later dropped the charges after encountering problems proving their case. The comedian also skipped his scheduled hosting duties at the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards and an appearance on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.”


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