Keaton Jones Speaks Against Bullying, Apologizes for Mom’s Posts

SURRY HILLS, Australia – Keaton Jones, a child whose video went viral as he tearfully talked about his experience in bullying, apologized just recently to the public regarding the controversial social media posts of his mother.

Jones received plenty of attention from the public as his video went out. He has even received lots of moral and financial support from many celebrities from all around the world.

In the video, Jones was asking what people thought they achieved when they bully someone. From his standpoint, Jones said that he does not see any benefit from taking the happiness out of innocent people.

In the background, one can hear the voice of the child’s mother inquiring how kids at school were bullying him. Jones tearfully stated that kids would point and poke fun of his nose and shouting mean and hurtful words to him such as “ugly” and “you have no friends.”

The video was posted on a Facebook page that no longer exists as of this moment. It was viewed about 22 million times not only by ordinary people but also by the biggest Hollywood stars.

Keaton Jones Speaks Against Bullying, Apologizes for Mom’s Posts

Among the public figures who took notice of his cries were Donald Trump, Jr., Justin Bieber, Dr. Phil, Snoop Dog, Demi Lovato, and Mark Hamill.

Captain America star Chris Evans felt so bad for Jones that he gave him and his mom an invitation to come to the Avengers Premiere which will take place the following year in Los Angeles.

Joseph Lam was the man behind the GoFundMe page. He decided to create the page because he was touched by the story of Jones. However, as soon as word got out about how Jones’ mother posted racist comments about Black Americans, the charity has been postponed.

Lam personally wanted the charity page to keep on going. He defended Jones saying that the whole point of the GoFundMe page is the kid who got bullied at school, and not the mother.

Lam also pointed out that passing judgment on another person before one even got the opportunity to know her is already a form of bullying. He even tagged condemnation as an extreme case of ignorance.

He aims to remind the public that the whole case is about a child who frequently gets bullied. Lam also added that Jones is not the only kid getting bullied. There are dozens, probably even thousands of kids around the world getting bullied. The point of his page is to serve as a voice for all the kids around the globe who are voiceless. He found the inspiration for his advocacy when he watched Jones’ video.

From Lam’s perspective, it takes huge courage to voice out one’s emotions like that on social media, when one is aware that the bullies can become more intense by doing so. He also hopes that he and his community will be able to put the money into good use after this. For Lam, Jones’ video was not only for himself but also for the rest of the children out there who does not have the guts to express their experiences about bullying.

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