Kelly Clarkson Remembers Her American Idol Journey 20 Years Ago

In today’s age, you can rise to stardom easier than in the past couple of decades. Becoming a star back then was not easy peasy, but it gave a sense of entertainment to the viewers. From American Idol to X-Factor to The Voice – these shows surely gave you an incredible experience as you cheered for your favorite hopeful.

When you think about it, it seems like yesterday when you sat in front of your TV and held on to the edge of your seat as the hose announced the winner. Still, American Idol season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson reminded us that it has already been years since that era!

In a recent Instagram post, the Breakaway singer remembered how her life turned 360 degrees when she won American Idol 20 years ago. Yes, that’s right! Twenty years ago, “A Moment Like This” still gives you the last song syndrome, not to mention the “feels.”

Kelly Clarkson thanks the people who supported her throughout the journey and after it. She says that these people have also become her family. She also tweeted an inspiration to her fans: to look for people who will become part of your life because you’ll never know. They might be looking for you, too!

The “Because of You” singer also stated in her post that winning the competition opened many doors for her and accomplished many things. She is indeed thankful for the opportunities that presented themselves after American Idol.

Clarkson also said that she experienced both success and failure and that she was able to learn from both sides. Fans were touched by this post and said that Kelly Clarkson’s raw emotions somewhat “radiated” from her post. She also wished that her fans could find people who would fill them with happiness and laughter, just like how she experienced experiences with her tribe.

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