Kid Cudi Talks About Leaked Snoop Dogg Collabo

Songs being “accidentally” leaked has been the new thing to give your music game a lil buzz here lately. Now, Kid Cudi is the latest victim of having his track mysteriously get leaked.

The song features Snoop Dogg and wasn’t supposed to come out until Cudi’s next album.

Recently, Kid Cudi blogged about the leaked track. He states that he in no way, shape, or form is responsible for the leaking of the track on the internet. In the blog, Cudi states,

“i recorded the Snoop joint that leaked around the time i was workin on MOTM, its a deleted scene that im including on Cudder. I DID NOT LEAK IT and i barely have a name for it so ill let u guys know what its really called as soon as i figure it out haha. By the time u hear it on the album it will be a bit diff with a better mix and some other shit added. Also, the homie Rashad “Ringo” Smith produced the record, NOT DR. DRE.”

He finished up the blog post saying, “if u got the record already cool. if not, if u can find it rock out. and remember WE SHININ WE ROLLIN WE SIPPIN WE SMOKIN WE LIVIN WE HAPPY THEYY MAAAADDDDDDD! F*CK EM peace and love from ur bud, cud”

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