Kim and Kanye Deep in Wedding Preparations

Kanye West and his fiancee Kim Kardashian are busy planning their wedding, which will be in Paris on on May 24 this spring according to People Magazine. While it sounds like the perfect wedding, the pair have a lot to live up to.

For starters, this isn't Kim's first wedding. When she married Kris Humphries in 2011, their wedding cost $20 million and was televised to millions of people. For a marriage that lasted less than six months, that's quite the price tag. Kim seems set on impressing her guests just as much the second time around, too.

It's not just the wedding dress that is designed to impress, either. According to some reports, even the invitations to the superstar couple's wedding have been created by a couture designer. The invitations are rumored to cost over $900 each, and that includes hand delivered to everyone who is invited. For a couple who isn't afraid to spend that much money on someone who might not show up, it's no surprise that they're shelling out the big bucks for goodie bags that will include champagne and upscale cosmetics from Creme de la Mer.

Other wedding plans include the prenuptial agreement, which will see Kim and the couple's daughter North in good financial hands should things turn south for the couple who currently share a mansion in Bel Air.

With so many plans and so much money in the air, this could be the wedding of the century or it could be a complete disaster.

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