King Charles III’s Reluctance to Reconcile: A New Royal Feud?

Over the past several years, Prince Harry and his spouse, Meghan Markle, have publicly criticized the Royal Family for the treatment they’ve endured.

Yet, after experiencing a backlash from the British monarchy, it seems that the Sussex Duke and Duchess are prepared to evolve from their previous approach.

The influential duo now wishes to convey a more positive message, focusing less on criticizing the Royal Family in the future. They harbor the hope that their gestures of goodwill may be seen by King Charles III, potentially opening a pathway towards reconciliation.

Still, the Royal Family maintains a form of non-verbal dismissal towards the Sussex pair. They effectively make a point of ignoring the couple’s existence.

As the Royal Family plans to vacation with the King during the summer, the activist couple has been conspicuously left without an invitation.

This exclusion seems set to continue. The royal lineage is planning to honor Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, marking a year since her death.

Currently, the Sussex pair does not feature in the list of attendees for the memorial gathering. Adding insult to injury, the influential duo will be in Germany for the Invictus Games during the same week.

It is evident that a simple scheduling conflict cannot account for their absence, given that they will be on the same continent. According to The Sun, no contact has been made with them regarding the late Queen’s commemoration.

A reliable informant shared with the newspaper that there’s been no communication with them.

The couple has seemingly received this tacit message and is prepared to honor the melancholic anniversary in a manner of their own. The source revealed: “In the event they are not involved in any official plans, they will find their own method to commemorate the occasion.”

In the absence of other alternatives, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are left to find comfort within each other. King Charles and Prince William seem determined to maintain their distance in the aftermath of the revealing Oprah Winfrey interview, the Netflix docu-series “Harry & Meghan,” and the shocking memoir “Spare.”

Furthermore, the couple is dealing with numerous responsibilities. With the termination of their contract with Spotify, they must now refocus on re-establishing their brand, all while handling persistent divorce speculations.

This week, they released a video demonstrating their closeness. Royal commentators suggest they’ll need to do more to dispel rumors of a separation.

When troubles come, they often come not singly but in droves. As high-profile celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham keep their distance from the Sussexes, Markle is facing accusations of disloyalty in friendship.

Paul Burrell, a former royal butler, shared with GB News: “Meghan tends to use people and then disregard them when they’re no longer beneficial. The Beckhams, being significant personalities in their own right, have no need for Harry and Meghan.”

A complete reset appears long overdue. But it is clear that King Charles III is unlikely to facilitate this process.

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