Kylie Jenner’s New Baby’s Name Might Have Been Hinted on a Video

It’s well known that Kylie Jenner was not much of a fan of the name she picked together with her boyfriend, Travis Scott. The baby boy born on February 2, 2022, was named Wolf, but her recent Instagram story suggests that this is no longer the case.  

TMZ was able to obtain a copy of the baby’s birth certificate and confirmed that the baby was born in California. His previous full name was Wolf Jacques Webster, part of it being a tribute for his father. 

The power couple is obviously head over heels for their first son, but reliable sources close to the famous Kardashian/Jenner family mentioned in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine that Kylie Jenner was not fully committed to naming her baby Wolf yet.

On Monday, Kylie took to Instagram to announce her and Scott’s confession that they never really warmed up to the name they gave their son. She also announced that they had already changed the baby boy’s name.

The billionaire Jenner posted a brief message on her Instagram Story that read: “FYI our sons name isn’t wolf anymore.” She explained that the name didn’t seem to fit the baby boy, hence the change. 

She is yet to officially announce the baby boy’s new name, but as this news took the internet by storm, internet investigators also joined in on the fun. As far as the new change goes, fans speculate that the new name will be Jack because of the short film Kylie Jenner shared later in the day. 

The video was a candid film where she gave an intimate peek into how they spent the days leading to the birth of their new son. Travis Scott’s mother appeared in the video often, and she repeatedly called Jenner’s unborn baby Jack. 

For now, her fans will definitely continue trying to guess what the baby boy’s new name is. But Thunder or Cloudi are definite fan favorites thanks to the more than iconic name of Kylie’s daughter, Stormi.

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