Lala Kent Says Megan Fox and MGK Will Make ‘Hot Kids’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent thinks the famous couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly would make ‘hot kids’ together.

A close and dear friend to both personalities, Lala Kent, made it incredibly clear that she wants every best thing for both Megan Fox and the rapper Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker. She thinks the loving couple that makes everyone sigh on social media are made of each other. But not only that, as the reality TV celeb also shared that she believes Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s future kids would take the bag in the genetic lottery.

As most fans know, since Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly made their relationship official on social media, they’ve been a hot topic in the online world. The couple looks head over heels in love with each other, and fans love it for both of them. Anybody who’s followed all paparazzi photos of the two love any update about their romance.

However, no one ships Megan and MGK romance better than Lala Kent. She’s an incredibly close friend to both Megan and MGK, and during an interview with TV Talk, she opened up about how much she hopes that the two will not break up anytime soon.

Moreover, the reality TV star expressed how happy she would be if the famous couple had kids together. Although Lala Kent said she can’t predict the future and doesn’t know what will happen to Megan and MGK’s partnership, she wishes them the best. They are both beautiful people, she said and would make some hot kids.

As fans are aware, MGK has a daughter from a previous relationship, while Megan has three boys. As a new mom, Lala Kent said that the actress also gave her some precious parenting advice. She also expressed how grateful she feels towards Megan, whom she called so down to Earth.

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