Late Xxxtentacion Remembered by His Dad in Instagram Post


The late Xxxtentacion was a rising artist in the music business. You can remember him as multi-talented, exploring various music genres, such as punk rock, hip-hop, emo, and R&B.

Additionally, the late Xxxtentacion received credits for his musical versatility, dabbling in other music genres like nu metal, trap, indie rock, and lo-fi. You will certainly feel sad because, as of November 2021, it has been three years since the promising musician lost his life.

It is surely dismal to recall how the late Xxxtentacion died in the hands of the wrong and vicious people. Nevertheless, his father, Dwayne Onfroy, took to Instagram lately to share an unforgettable moment involving his deceased son.

Onfroy shared an Instagram video of his wedding that happened sometime in 2019. You can check out this online presentation on the Instagram account with the handle @dwayne.onfroy, and it has already raked in 35,792 Instagram views at the time of writing.

You can see the late Xxxtentacion’s Dad waiting for his bride on the aisle. You will also notice the deceased rapper’s parent wiping the tears in his eyes.

After all, his dead son’s song, “School Globes,” played during that intimate moment in his wedding. You will surely feel touched, and you may shed some tears, too, especially when you read Mr. Onfroy’s caption for his recent Instagram post.

He wrote that his wife surprised him on their wedding day by selecting the late Xxxtentacion’s track to honor her husband and his deceased offspring. You will truly feel the same way as the elder Onfroy, especially if you followed the promising music career of the dead rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Nevertheless, you can let the late Xxxtentacion’s musical legacy live on. He was certainly iconic for his alienation and depression-themed songs. 

These feats enabled the late Florida rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, to successfully garner a cult following among his young fanbase during his brief music career. 

Last update was on: February 2, 2024 2:11 am

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