Leakers of Eminem and Kanye West’s Song Reportedly Want Money

Leakers of Eminem and Kanye West’s song, which is the remix of “Use This Gospel,” are reportedly asking for money. You may find this latest update involving the two famous rappers shocking.

However, you may believe it as pieces of evidence surfaced on various entertainment news outlets and social media platforms. According to Twitter user Squirt Reynolds’s October 23 tweet, a leaker just put the “Use This Gospel” remix up for sale.

This netizen also cited that the track was originally intended for the “Jesus Is King II” studio album of Yeezy. Eminem and Kanye West’s song features one minute and 20-second long verse from Slim Shady. 

Finally, Squirt Reynolds’s tweet indicated that there are no snippets available yet for the two rappers’ collaborative tune. Meanwhile, Twitter user Shady Times, whose social media handle is @ShadyTimes, tweeted that Eminem and Kanye West should drop the remix of “Use This Gospel” “before it is too late.” 

You may think that leakers of Eminem and Kanye West’s song are getting impatient. After all, both rap superstars’ musical works are certainly thrilling to hear. 

However, the exact date when the remix of “Use This Gospel” will see the light of day is unknown at the time of writing. You may go back down memory lane for now by listening to the original “Use This Gospel” tune released on October 25, 2019. 

This gospel song by hip-hop artist Ye that is over three minutes long features a saxophone solo from American jazz musician Kenny G and vocals from hip-hop duo Clipse.

Furthermore, Kanye West is among the songwriters of the original “Use This Gospel” song released by Def Jam and Good Music record labels. 

Last Monday marks the second anniversary of this tune, and you can tell why leakers of Eminem and Kanye West’s song were hoping they could expect something special or massive from the rappers on that date.

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