Lil Durk Amazes Kevin Durant with Basketball Talent

You will feel wowed with Lil Durk’s basketball skills. If you only know him as among today’s promising rap stars, well, he is surely more than that.

This weekend, you can find a video clip showing Lil Durk’s basketball skills on the court on DJ Akademiks’s official Instagram page with the handle @akademiks. In the video, you can see the 28-year-old Chicago, Illinois-born hip-hop artist shooting hoops and in a fantastic way at that.

No wonder Kevin Durant showed some love to Lil Durk following viewing the latter shooting threes. This professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets commended Lil Durk for possessing impeccable basketball skills.

Of course, KD is exactly aware of what it takes to be excellent in basketball, and he can sniff talent out when it shows itself up. After all, Kevin Durant has played with the best-of-the-best basketball superstars throughout his entire playing career in the National Basketball Association or NBA.

You can tell that Kevin Durant comprehends fully well that Lil Durk’s basketball skills are, indeed, praiseworthy. KD also knows that the Chicago rapper is an elite shooter capable of giving his very best on the basketball court. 

You should check out DJ Akademiks’s post featuring Lil Durk’s basketball skills uploaded over the weekend. The video has already raked in exactly 144,136 Instagram likes at the time of writing.

Lil Durk is certainly a talented musician who is also excellent in playing basketball, hands down. This fact tells you that many of today’s rappers have so much to give to their fans. 

Being a rapper who is also a menace on the basketball court, you can see Lil Durk’s jump shots always seem to go in. Additionally, clips showing his basketball prowess tend to go viral every time they get showcased on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Fans certainly love watching this up-and-coming rapper shooting hoops. With Lil Durk’s basketball skills, you can say that he could be among the best basketball stars in the entire NBA, but for now, you can relish his marvelous rap music. 

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