Lil Wayne Weapons Case Brings Prison Time

In a plea agreement, a common occurrence in the majority of criminal cases in this country, Lil Wayne pled guilty to attempted possession of a firearm this past month. As several sources are reporting, had he went to trial and been found guilty, Wayne would have been looking at a mandatory minimum of 3 years in prison. Instead he was sentenced to one and will likely serve less. Harsh gun laws in New York are to blame for the sentence that is more stringent than it would have been in other states.


Lil Wayne, a hugely successful rapper and performer with Cash Money Records, was arrested back in 2007 when officers detected the scent of marijuana coming from his tour bus. During a search of the bus a .40 caliber firearm was found. Wayne was arrested for possession of a weapon and his acquaintance for criminal possession of marijuana.

By pleading guilty to attempted possession of a firearm, Lil Wayne admits the weapon was within his grasp without admitting to having physical control over the weapon at the time of the arrest.

Had the same incident occurred in other states he would have likely faced a far less serious crime. Possession of a firearm without a permit in Georgia, for example, is considered a misdemeanor and punishable by no more than one year in jail, a far cry from the mandatory 3 year minimum in New York.

It is not currently apparent when Lil Wayne will begin his New York sentence. However, the sentence marks one of two cases against him as the rapper faces additional criminal charges for an incident in Arizona. There he is reportedly faces several felony drug and weapons charges.


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