Lily Collins wants to star in Ocean’s 9 alongside Sandra Bullock

To The Bone documentary star, Lily Collins is a true Sandra Bullock fan. She recently expressed her strong desire to work on yet another movie with the award-winning actress. Lily is the daughter of Phil Collins, a famous musician.

She and Bullock met when they both starred in the 2009 film entitled The Blind Side where they played mother and daughter roles. Their relationship with each other grew deeper when Collins was there to support Bullock through the death of her father in September.

Lily Collins

The Love, Rosie lead actress is turning 30 years old soon and admitted that she has a list of certain exceptional actresses she wants to work with before her birthday comes. She mentioned how badly she wanted to work with the Ocean’s 8 star, hoping to star alongside her in what she hopes would be the sequel to it, Ocean’s 9.

Also on her list of actresses to work with is, Meryl Streep, although the Mirror Mirror star admits she will most likely not have the time to work with her before her birthday in March. She even said jokingly that she is looking forward to working with her within the next 30 years.

Unlike most women, the Golden Globe nominee sees ageing as a new chapter in her life, that she says is inevitable and so she’s going to make sure that she enjoys it as much as she can and that she is in charge of how her age makes her feel about herself. She also describes this new phase in her life as something positive and that things can only go upward and onward from here on and out.

She expressed her gratitude to be at this age and to still be able to do what she loves and at such large platform.

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