Lizzie Rovsek of Real Housewives Orange County Files a Divorce

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California. – After eight years of living as husband and wife, Lizzie Rovsek, a former cast of Real Housewives of Orange County, decided to file a divorce from her partner. The news shocked the entertainment world as they had witnessed everything about the couple even before they got married.

Lizzie came from Kentucky and became a star in the reality show entitled Real Housewives of Orange County. Before she became a star in that show, she was crowned Miss Kentucky Teen USA in the year 1998 and crowned Miss Kentucky USA in the year 2002. Lizzie is an American beauty queen who became well-known for hosting in the NBA all-star game in the year 2004. Aside from those, she also played roles in various films like Stand by Your Man, Cut Off and The Crying Museum.

She is also a great fashion designer and owns a lot of swimwear products. She started her career in fashion designing after she won the Miss Kentucky Teen USA pageant. After some time, she managed to put up her swimwear business that was named Sun Kitten Swimwear.

The 37-year-old Lizzie Rovsek was married to her long-term partner who is a real estate executive named Christian Rovsek on September 12, 2009. They had two children during the marriage, Preston who is now a 7-year-old and Kingston who is now 5. In the year 2014, Lizzie even said with her interview in Radar online that they want to have more babies. However, people noticed that Christian could not be seen in any photos in Lizzie’s social media for several months. She was always sharing pictures of their son, Preston, and Kingston, but Christian was still missing in the photos.

Lizzie Rovsek of Real Housewives Orange County Files a Divorce

On the other hand, Lizzie had no other relationships. It seemed that before they were a couple that was getting the best out of life. But since people saw less and less of Christian in Lizzie’s social media accounts, gossips about their melting relationship immediately spread.

Speculations went up about the couple separating. But those predictions were made right when Radar managed to find proof about it. On October 19, 2017, Lizzie decided to go the Orange County Superior Court to file a petition for dissolution of marriage against Christian. Radar was the first one to obtain the documents of the said petition.

In the records, Lizzie listed that she and her husband separated on July 13, 2017. The star stated that their differences could not be reconciled anymore. She also requested for joint legal and physical custody of their sons.

She also wrote about her anticipation of resolving all issues through the help of the petition or divorce process. But she also stated that if it cannot be decided, or it would be an unsuccessful try, she would request for leave to get relief in the problematic situation.

In addition to that, Radar found no documents about a hearing scheduled in the future. For the meantime, Christian has remained silent and has not made any response to the petition that Lizzie made against him.

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