Madonna celebrating Thanksgiving in Malawi

Recently, Madonna- the queen of pop has shared the rare picture of her family. This picture has given a glimpse of her family life. The beautiful portrait is of her six children who are celebrating Thanksgiving in Malawi. In the caption, she has mentioned the name of her six children viz Lourdes (22 years), Rocco (17 years), Mercy (13 years), David (12 years) and six-year-old twins. Among them, the eldest daughter Lourdes is from her first relationship with her former fitness trainer Carlos Leon while Rocco, her eldest son is from her marriage with Guy Ritchie, director.

After Lourdes and Rocco, Madonna has adopted four children from Malawi, Africa. She has adopted Mercy in the year 2009 while David was adopted in 2006 from Home of Hope. In the year 2007, she has adopted two more children who were the twins. She is quite happy with her family. She has said that at the time of adopting the children, she has to struggle up with the criticism from the society which she as faced. She has saved the life of David who was battling with Malaria and pneumonia at that time. Despite of the criticism, she was determined to save the life of a boy, and this spirit has enabled her to get a victory in saving a life. Now, David is a keen footballer and has joined Benfica football team youth academy while Mercy is a passionate dancer.

The heart touching caption

She has shared the image of her family together on social media with the caption stating that she is thankful for her children. They have led her down the roads and opened the doors which could have never imagined. She feels thankful for the children whom she treasured and values the most. She has also said that the fame, fortune, and records broken could never be compared with the joy of being blessed with children.


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