Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Values Privacy, Modeling Job

Lourdes Leon recently shared some facts about her life as Madonna’s daughter. You may feel curious as this Los Angeles, California-born model is merely rising in showbiz nowadays.

Lourdes Leon recently celebrated her 25th birthday, and she confirmed that she had been judged from a young age. You will feel surprised, but Lourdes cited that this harsh reality took a toll on her mental health. 

Nevertheless, Madonna’s daughter pointed out that privacy is the reason she was able to keep her sanity and not find herself in a mental asylum. Lourdes Leon also said she desired to figure out who she was before permitting people to tell her who she was. 

With this fact, you can tell that this celebrity daughter is a fierce young woman. Besides valuing privacy, Madonna’s daughter, who also moonlights as a fashion designer, confirmed putting a premium on her modeling job. 

Lourdes mentioned that modeling was a financially intelligent decision for her. She added that she is not merely doing the job per se but that she relishes being quite hands-on with the campaigns she does. 

Regarding her relationship with her world-famous mother, Lourdes Leon shared that her celebrity parent was very insistent on making her think about what she wanted to be known for beyond her physical appearance. 

However, she argued that her looks are not what she wanted the public to remember her by. You will find it surprising, but Madonna’s daughter also expressed being uninterested in pursuing acting and music careers seriously like her celebrity Mom did. 

Lourdes said that she finds actors annoying that she could not be around them. She also pointed out that she is uninterested in pursuing a serious music career. 

However, Madonna’s daughter affirmed that she admires and respects the “Material Girl” singer’s art to empower women. If you are curious, Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s daughter with Cuban actor and fitness trainer Carlos Leon. 

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