Magic Johnson Believes Anthony Davis Will Deliver His Best Play

Magic Johnson has offered his insights regarding Anthony Davis. You can tell that this former professional basketball player chooses to exercise his glass-half-full mentality despite the current issues that the Los Angeles Lakers are facing, including having a slow start.

As you know, Anthony Davis has had a terrible beginning. This 28-year-old Los Angeles Lakers center and power forward is currently unable to play.

He has to be away for about a month due to a Medial Collateral Ligament or MCL injury. With this unfortunate situation, you will find many Los Angeles Lakers fans feeling uncertain. 

They do not feel things will get better for their favorite professional basketball team. Indeed, Magic Johnson’s former professional basketball team has unluckily not been very good over the past few weeks.

This reality has made their supporters wonder whether or not this Los Angeles Lakers group can actually pick things up in time for the professional basketball season’s second half. 

Nevertheless, you will learn that Magic Johnson still has considerable confidence and faith in Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

This 62-year-old Lansing, Michigan-born former professional basketball player cited that sometimes people get off to a beginning that they know they can play better.

Magic Johnson relayed that sometimes a person struggles at the start. He added that Anthony Marshon Davis, Jr. is aware that he could play better, so he would put it together. 

You can say that Magic Johnson is not anxious about the injured Los Angeles Lakers basketball player at all. He said that Anthony Davis has many talents.

Finally, Magic Johnson pointed out that his former professional basketball team and its fanbase merely need a bit of patience at this time. 

After all, he said that, although 16-13 is not where they want to be, they still have time to turn things around for the best.

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