Man Jailed After Sending Facebook Friend Request to Estranged Wife

When Carole Bruder filed a restraining order against her estranged husband Harry, she had every reason to believe that her soon-to-be ex-hubby would never dare contact her again. Apparently, though, Harry didn’t think that Facebook friend requests fell under the legal definition of “contact.” According to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report obtained by the Smoking Gun, the 54-year-old plumber from Florida has admitted to contacting his wife twice on Facebook within the past month — a clear violation, investigators argue, of a court-ordered domestic violence injunction that bars him from making contact. When police pressed him about the friend requests, Bruder reportedly replied, “Yeah, I did it,” although he later admitted that it was “stupid” to send them. Now, the Floridian finds himself in jail, pending $5,000 in bail.

Bruder, who also admitted to changing his wife’s password on her Yahoo! e-mail account, was clearly none too pleased about Carole’s restraining order — nor the counseling sessions he had to attend as a result. Shortly after the injunction was issued last month, the husband even posted a note on his Facebook page, in which he wrote, “today my future x wife thinks she won but the real winner is me for i know the truth she is nothing but a lying emotionally disturbed woman who needs help to handle previous abusive relationship.” There may not be any “real winner” in a case like this, but we’re willing to bet that it’s probably not the person sitting in a jail cell. [From: The Smoking Gun, via: Huffington Post]

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