Mariah Carey, The New Angel For Animals Awardee From PETA

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – A new holiday hero was named for December 2017 as the Angel for Animals award from PETA, Mariah Carey.

The singer superstar, 47, was recently awarded by the organization in honor of her work and influence on her latest animated film entitled All I Want for Christmas Is You. The highlight of the movie includes promoting animal adoption. It has also deeply tackled the responsibility in taking care of a canine. The movie was narrated by Carey which is something she also produced.

The plot of the movie tells the story of a young girl who had her Christmas wish come true. She received what she has always wanted, a companion in a dog. However, their story is not as smooth sailing as a dream coming true during the holidays.

The little girl named Mariah and her puppy she calls Jack struggles to find their balance at first. Ultimately, she learns what the ultimate lesson in taking care and building a relationship with her pet is. It was to treat her puppy with understanding and patience.

The Angel for Animals award was given to Mariah Carey just this December 2017. From what PETA posted about the award, it was written that the organization recognizes and thanks Carey for promoting animal adoption in her featured film. It was also written in the award that Carey’s movie shed light on the commitment and responsibility required in taking care of an animal companion.

Mariah Carey, The New Angel For Animals Awardee From PETA

According to Lisa Lange, the Senior Vice President of PETA, they considered Carey as one of the organization’s heroes for all the homeless animals. It was in line with the movie’s highlights of encouraging families to consider adoption of pets from local shelters.

Lange also added that the animated film reminds a lot of people that taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility and not just a mere fantasy. However, she also stated that when the day came that you meet the particular dog whom you will share your life with, you will know that you both belong together.

From what PETA foresees, there will be a significant spike in the number of homeless animals during and after the holiday season. It will be because families might find themselves unable to commit to taking care of the pets they have purchased as gifts during the holiday. From the motto of PETA, a part of it reads like animals are not owned by anyone to abuse in any kind of way.

It helps urge a lot of people to send gift certificates to their local animal shelter instead of buying pets as presents. The organization’s motto also serves as people’s reminder that animals or dogs are forever.

The Angel for Animals award is given to Carey is just a way of the appreciation from her efforts and the influence her movie has portrayed which was in line with the organization’s mission. Her works with a cause weren’t just the animated movie which has named her Angel for Animals. She also attended the 30thanniversary concert for AHF World AIDS day last November 30, 2017.

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