Matt Damon Dishes on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Romance

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Matt Damon opened up about how he feels about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rekindling their romance after over a decade.

Matt and Ben have been best of friends for a long time, and it’s time for him to share his opinion about his BFF’s rekindled romance with J. Lo.

As it turns out, the Hollywood actor loves his best pal and only wants what’s best for him and what will make him the happiest. If getting back with Jennifer Lopez after so many years, Matt is nothing but supportive of his best friend’s decision.

During an interview with Extra, Matt Damon shared that he’s happy for Ben Affleck, and he supports the iconic couple of the early 2000s getting back together. According to Matt, Ben deserves all the happiness, and he’s only glad for him to find such happiness with the singer.

But as most fans know, it’s not the first time that Matt dished on his actor best pal’s love life.

When the iconic ‘Bennifer’ rekindled romance broke the internet, Matt was asked by a TODAY staff about it in May. The event wasn’t long after the couple got spotted on their Montana vacation, so Matt was a little confused.

He said in the impromptu interview that he hasn’t heard about the couple getting back together yet. As it turns out, he only got wind of it during that same interview and shared that there’s not enough liquor to get him to say something about Ben and Jennifer then because he doesn’t know a thing.

However, at the end of the interview, Matt Damon shared that he loves Ben and Jennifer, and it would be awesome if the rumors are true.

Meanwhile, Jen and Ben are currently traveling and enjoying Europe to celebrate the singer’s 52ng birthday. They already made their romance Instagram official, posting a PDA-packed photo just like the good old days.

Last update was on: April 30, 2023 10:01 pm

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