Mayor Bloomberg blew $102.1 million during campaign on lots of pizza.

NY Daily News: Mayor Bloomberg’s $102.1 million campaign for a third term was powered by pricey ads and consultants – and fueled by lots of pizza and coffee, spending records show.

Bloomberg, whose fortune is estimated at $17 billion, easily broke his own record for spending personal cash to get elected.

From Oct. 20 to Nov. 26, he spent $18.7 million – and more than $12 million of it went to ad makers Squier Knapp Dunn for creating ads and buying TV air time.

That outlay would cover first-semester tuition for about 8,000 students at Borough of Manhattan Community College (or for 319 freshmen at Bloomberg’s alma mater, Johns Hopkins).

The reports show visits to some upscale joints, but pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts fare were definitely Team Bloomberg staples.

The total paid to pizza places during that period was more than $17,000 – enough to pay a minimum-wage worker for 310 days or buy 5,556 gallons of milk.

Certainly, Bloomberg’s charitable giving outstrips what he has spent on his own political ambition: He gave away $235 million last year, compared to the $261 million he’s dumped into his three races for City Hall.

The mayor “is one of the world’s leading philanthropists and is honored to have assisted organizations in need here [and] around the nation and the globe,” said spokesman Howard Wolfson.

Baruch College Prof. Doug Muzzio jokingly said that with all the money being thrown around, the City Council – which altered the term-limits law to let Bloomberg run a third time – “should pass legislation to force this guy to run every year. We could solve the recession,” he kidded.

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