Microsoft Launches New Skydrive Features. Gives Away 7-25GB for FREE

Microsoft is making a direct attempt to stab into the market share of the popular file syncing app Dropbox, releasing a major update to its existing SkyDrive service.

Providing you download the new software for Windows and Mac OS X desktops plus a new app for the iPhone, you will be able to sync your files to the cloud pretty much the same way you sync with Dropbox now.

Users who are new to SkyDrive will be presented with 7GB for free, however if you ever used SkyDrive before and have uploaded at least one file to the service before April 22nd you will be able to upgrade to 25GB. Of course if you used the service before you know this is exactly what you had before the update. If you had 4GB or more files uploaded then you will get upgraded automatically.


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