Mixed-up Fans Lead to Viral Leonardo DiCaprio, Dipset Memes


If you are a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, you will learn that he is set to play Jim Jones in a forthcoming biopic about the religious cult leader responsible for the collective suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, in November 1978. 

With this development in the Hollywood movie star’s stellar career, a misunderstanding happened involving Internet memes about the actor and hip-hop collective Dipset. The latter includes rappers Cam’ron and Joseph Guillermo Jones II, known professionally as Jim Jones.

Fans believed the “Jim Jones” in the latest celebrity reports about Leonardo DiCaprio is the musician behind the popular songs “Pop Champagne” and “We Fly High.” You should know that Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming film is not about Jim Jones of the Dipset and Skull Gang fame.

You should not feel misled by the Twitter users who rapidly came in with memes of Jim Jones the rapper’s body and Leonardo DiCaprio’s face while joking about a possible Dipset biopic. Plus, you will surely get it that the 46-year-old Hollywood movie star’s fans did not know the particular “Jim Jones” their favorite actor will portray in a new motion picture project.

After all, they began tweeting some of their favorite moments of Jim Jones the rapper that they would only hope “The Wolf of Wall Street” actor would recreate. Meanwhile, although Leonardo DiCaprio has not reacted to the Dipset memes, Jim Jones the rapper reposted one of them on his Instagram Story.

You can tell that maybe this rapper and record executive is not completely against the idea of the Oscar Award-winning movie star bringing Dipset’s story to life in the near future.

Besides starring as the titular character of MGM’s upcoming motion picture project about controversial cult leader Jim Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio is also set to serve as producer of the movie via Appian Way Productions.

The latter is the film and TV production company that the “Titanic” star founded in 2001. Appian Way Productions is based in Leonardo DiCaprio’s hometown of Los Angeles, California.

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