Morgan Spurlock Confesses Abusive Demeanor on Social Media

MANHATTAN, NY –Super Size Me director, Morgan Spurlock, had just passed down from his TV production company Warrior Poets, surprisingly right after he had posted several tweets on social media about his sexually abusive demeanor toward female co-workers and celebrities.

In a detailed post, he stated that seeing his own movie characters changing for the better after being in a state of epiphany about their misdoings, he cannot help but wonder when the same enlightenment will illuminate on him.

Spurlock also mentioned a date in college where had gotten rape accusations, not to  mention a sexual harassment assault during the first phases of his career, of which he has already resolved with his colleague. The confessions did not stop there. Spurlock also mentioned being a contributor to the “world of abusive demeanor” putting emphasis on a serial adultery case that he once was accused of.

As stirring as his confessions may have been, there was no indication that Spurlock asked permission from third parties if it was alright for him to disclose such stories to the Internet. Surely, with sexual abuse cases, there will always be a third force involved. Because it was nowhere found in his statement regarding permission of information sharing, some people who read the posts were somewhat troubled.

Morgan Spurlock Confesses Abusive Demeanor on Social Media

Spurlock also did not give any signs that he had intentions of reconciliation with his victims. His statements only expressed the fact that how his behavior affected and caused pain to other people has also hurt him in some ways.

Spurlock’s additional statements also expressed the mystery of what had driven him to behave in such a manner. According to his contention, he himself was not aware of what exactly led him to act in a dreadful way. It is evident in his statements that he is putting the blame on ego for the atrocious behavior that he had done toward women.

On that note, Spurlock also revealed that he himself have experienced sexual harassment in his youthful years. Among the reasons which he suspects that led him to be part of the abusive demeanor practice was the way his own father had left his mother behind when he was only a child.

Despite the evidence of pain in his statement, Spurlock emphasized none of his past experiences can serve as a valid excuse for the things that he had done. However, some people assert that the latter was just a rhetorical trick to make people believe that he was just creating a sum up of justification for his wrongdoings.

Spurlock resumed the passage giving props for himself for having the courage to step forward. He ended with a lighter note saying that he, as well as millions of people in the world, is part of the societal problem. However, what sets him apart from the crowd is that despite being a problem, he is also part of the solution.

It is apparent in Spurlock’s statement that he is yearning for a place to start anew. However, it is also noticeable that nowhere in the post was there an apology for the abusive demeanor, which would have been the only beginning that he would ever need.

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