The Musical Insights 2018: A Free Lecture Program/Concert

EVANSTON, Illinois – Two of the most notable names in orchestra, The Merion and The Evanston Symphony, will come together to host “Musical Insights,” a free lecture program/recital which will open for the public at 1:30 p.m. on February 2, 2018, in the Crystal Ballroom of the Merion which is located at 1611 Chicago Avenue, Evanston.

With this once-in-a-lifetime chance, you can greatly enhance your orchestra and concert experience with a musical education like you’ve never experienced before. These musical communities will provide you with a wealth of information about composers in every nation and everything about their works.

Jason Blair Lewis as well as ESO concertmaster, Julie Fischer, will be participating in the program. Jason Blair Lewis will be joined by the music director of the ESO, Lawrence Eckerling, in an artistic demonstration of the amazing “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joaquin Rodrigo. This discussion will be performed at the ESO concert on February 4, 2018, at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall in Evanston.

Julie Fischer will be performing short renditions by Pablo de Sarasate and Astor Piazzolla. This part of the performance will greatly validate the overall theme of the concert which is Spanish/Latin American. The “Musical Insights” will also present cover works on programs from Mexico and Argentina. Furthermore, a musical performance will be held by French and Russian composers depicting Spain. This is considered as the second of four musical concerts in the ESO’s project entitled “Music from Many Lands” season.

The Musical Insights 2018: A Free Lecture Program/Concert

The Evanston Arts Council’s Leadership Award has been given to The Merion which will also be sponsoring this amazing set of lecture and recital series. These programs will talk about the upcoming show on the afternoon of Friday before every ESO subscription concert. The general manager of the ESO, David Ellis, alongside Maestro Lawrence Eckerling, will use DVDs, recordings, as well as piano to showcase the musical themes and ideas.

The amazing “Musical Insights” program and recital series will include a variety of performances from all around the world. This will delve into several discussions and topic concerning the world of Orchestra. It will last for about one hour, and at every end of the recital series, discussion, or performance, they will be conducting a “Question and Answer” segment where the audience can speak about their thoughts on influential figures in orchestra. There will also be free refreshments which will be handed out to the last hour of the program. This will also be an excellent time when the audience can talk about the performance.

This musical community was founded in 1945. The Evanston Symphony Orchestra has been recognized by the world as the “Community Orchestra of the Year for 2017.” This musical group would typically offer about five musical concerts every year with a mission. Their mission is to bring the musical community members together and provide them with an affordable and convenient way of appreciating musical orchestra by allowing them to perform as well as experience classical music whether it is locally, nationally, or internationally by renowned artists across the globe.

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