Nelly Performance Opposed by Officials in Missouri

According to reports, a promoter in the resort city of Branson, Missouri is attempting to host its first-ever hip-hop show, starring St. Louis rapper Nelly, but is encountering opposition from city officials.

Due to renovations, the promoter of the concert, Paul Dunn has attempted to book the event in the parking lot of local performance venue the Grand Palace.

However, Branson’s city planning director, Jim Lawson denied the promoter’s application, claiming that Dunn began promoting the concert before applying for the permit, and that the application lacked adequate parking, noise and crowd control.

Dunn will attempt to dispute the decision tonight, contending that his application was unfairly used against him.

“The following day that update and resubmit was used against me in a press release stating we announced this event and start of ticket sales before applying,” Dunn wrote.

Dunn’s letter further states that the concert, which is expected to generate an estimated $500,000 for the city, has the full support of the Grand Palace’s neighbors, who have signed a petition to bring Nelly to Branson.

According to Dunn, 3,000 pre-sale tickets have already been sold for the event, which is scheduled for August 21.

Source BoomBox

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