Nelly Set To Release Workout DVD

Rapper, Nelly, is in the throngs of releasing a workout DVD for those of you who don’t mind lookin at a little man candy while you get your physical fitness on (I know I don’t mind!)

Nelly is hoping that the workouts help to encourage everyone and not just those who admire his beautiful body into staying in tip top shape not just after holidays and for the summer but as a lifestyle to change.

This fall, Nelly will be the first star featured in a new line of DVD’s titled Celebrity Sweat, which features workout routines from various famous athletes and celebrities.

Nelly told the Saint Louis Dispatch that he was excited to be a part of the DVD, which is due in stores this September.

The rapper has always maintained a healthy active lifestyle by playing basketball, softball, baseball and football. But as his fame grew, the rapper began paying more attention to his physique.

“People think I just woke up all of a sudden and I was this big, but they haven’t been paying attention…if you look at the pictures from ’04 to now, you can see the change. You can see me go from 160 to 170, 170 to 175, 175 to 180 to 190. You put in all this hard work, and people want to discredit you. But you can transform your body in six to eight months. In two years, you can create a whole new person.”

In related news, Nelly is finishing up his new album 5.0 and recently accepted a temporary position as an on air personality for Saint Louis’ HOT 104.1FM’s afternoon show.

Celebrity Sweat featuring Nelly is due in stores September 28th at

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