New Mexico Rail Runner train gets lit with WiMAX

Oh sure, we’ve seen the occasional big city train get their own WiFi / WiMAX installation, but when a state like New Mexico steps up and does it, we take notice. The New Mexico Rail Runner, which travels some 95 miles between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, is now lit with WiMAX along the entire route, and the service is being provided gratis for all who ride. Better still, the New Mexico Mid-Region Council of Governments has no intentions of ever charging patrons in order to recoup the $2.4 million investment. We’re told that users can expect download rates of up to 6Mbps and upload speeds nearing 4Mbps, and we’re desperately hopeful that other states will take notice and attempt to get with the program. America’s already way behind most every European nation when it comes to rail travel, but toss a “free WiMAX!” sign on the door and you just might coax these car-lovin’ Yanks into going mass transit.

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