New Movie Polaroid Concept Camera


Taking our obsession for home videos and technology, designer Kim Hyun Joong has come up with an idea that explores the possibilities of instant gratification that Polaroid pictures gave us. The Movie Polaroid Camera prints movies on a flexible display that hopes to use Touch *graphene technology to its advantage. The concept is a combination of analogue Polaroid film and digital touch technology and contains a built-in movie printer, which immediately “prints” the footage after the user has filmed it.

The device captures movie and sound which are “printed” on a substrate that mimics traditional Polaroid film paper. The camera gets powered by giving it a few good shakes and also juices up the Polaroid Film for viewing. The compact size of the film screen makes it easy to carry around in your wallet or pocket.

Who would have thought that movie printers were the way of the future? Needless to say, it will take many more years before it is actually ready to hit the market, considering such technology is too far off in the future to become mainstream anytime soon.


*Graphene is a flat sheet of carbon rings just one atom thick, which is being studied for a range of electronic applications.

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