Nick Cannon Has Autoimmune Disease Similar To Lupus

Nick Cannon has been through the ringer, physically speaking, over the past two months. Between his kidney failure and blood clots, Cannon’s body has taken a beating. He revealed that his medical maladies are of the autoimmune sort and that he will be dealing with his kidney issues for the rest of his life.
“They kind of say [my] autoimmune [disease] is – like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has it,” Cannon told PEOPLE at New York’s Teqa Restaurant and Tequila Bar. Cannon, who has cut back his grueling work schedule, quitting his New York radio show to focus on his other gig as the host of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ While Cannon is trying to keep his professional responsibilities lighter than usual, he still found time to DJ. The man clearly loves to work but at least Mr. Mariah Carey is properly addressing and taking care of the problem.
Cannon, 31, also recalled how terrifying the blood clots were, saying “The blood clot thing was probably the scariest because … I’ve known people who have passed away from that. I thought I was getting better and then that happened, so that kind of came out of nowhere.”
Cannon said that he is now getting six hours of sleep a night and is learning to take it easy at home. With nearly year-old twins to care for, Cannon is juggling quite a bit but he is taking it all in stride.
“It’s a lot of stuff but it’s all in order now,” he said about his health.
We’re pulling for your Nick! Put your health first.
Photo credit Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images



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