Nicki Minaj Struts Pink Lemonade Braids in her ‘Motorsport’ Video

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Nicki Minaj show-off a beautiful pink lemonade braided hair in her latest music video appearance, “Motorsport.” The rapper shared, Kim Kimble, the same hairstylist with Beyonce and strut that the Queen B is her inspiration for the look.

Nicki Minaj is releasing her latest music video for her brand-new song, “Motorsport.” In her latest video, the rapper sports a pink lemonade braided hair that took 36 hours to perfect.

The said braid was done by the braid guru, Kim Kimble, who was also behind Beyonce’s iconic braids like the queen sported in her “Formation” music video.

Nicki Minaj is getting a lot of attention about her pink braided hair which the internet labeled as “Pink Lemonade.” The rapper’s hair blended the style that marches on the floor setting another trend in the music scene.

The said hairstyle took over a day to finish with a team of six more stylists to perfect. Indeed, it was a lot of work.

Kim Kimble seems to be the mother of all braids because of this legendary hairstyle that made the cut to the Hollywood music scene. From Beyonce to Minaj, this braided hair is uniquely done.

The rapper, on the other hand, is known for her different hairstyles that trended across the globe. Moreover, her hairstyle varied depending on the songs she is about to release and music video she is about to make.

Kim Kimble shared a short Behind-The-Scenes snap of Nicki on her official Instagram account. The said clip shows the rapper’s long pink braided her. The clip already has 24.4k views as of this writing.

Nicki Minaj Struts Pink Lemonade Braids in her 'Motorsport' Video

A lot of fans are thinking to welcome 2018 with a new hairstyle and Minaj’s style is one of the best choices to replicate. Moreover, the rapper is not new on this trend as she also donned different makeup looks that span interest worldwide.

The “Motorsport” music video is collaborated with Migos and Cardi-B and directed by Bradley & Pablo and Quavo. The song “Motorsport” is part and the first single in Migos’ upcoming album, Culture II. The said album is a follow-up to this year’s Culture LP.

The hip-hop trio really donned a nice team for the music video. Fans are expressing their different reactions to the video through Twitter and Facebook.

Most of the reactions are positive and the fans are impressed with how the video was set-up and sent them to a whole new world. Fans are also big on complementing Minaj.

Culture II by Migos is one of the most looked-out album this 2017. On the other hand, Minaj is set to release her newest one in 2018 and will be followed by a UK tour. Details about the album will be announced soon.

2018 is set to be big for the rapper as she welcomes the New Year with a new hairstyle and another album and tour in the pipeline. Indeed, Nicki Minaj makes it big not just in the music scene but also with the hair and beauty industry.

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