Nicki Minaj Talks New Hip Hop Album in interview with DJ Whoo Kid

Two long years has gone by since Nicki Minaj has given us a studio album. With lots of other activity going on in her life such as breakups to ridiculous beef with you know who, & movie appearances we still need music from history’s most successful female rap artist.

During Nicki Minaj’s recent phone interview with DJ Whoo Kid on his Whoolywood Shuffle show. She mentions “My goal right now is just releasing this fourth album and watching my fans react to it,” she said. “Because I know it’s going to be my best body of work. And I always love to be in real time and see my fans reacting to something. So that’s what I’m looking forward to. Now obviously I’m not telling them when my album is coming out but I just know that it’s going to be amazing because I want to thank the people who rocked with me all these years. Like my fans are a different level of diehard! I always feel like I gotta make them proud. I gotta go hard! I gotta impress them! Because they’re always waiting for me! That’s a blessing in itself….So that’s next on my bucket list. To deliver my fourth album and make sure it’s a classic Hip Hop album that people will never forget.”

Nicki Minaj then goes to states she’s looking to create a “classic hip-hop album that people will never forget.” When pressed about features, Whoo Kid easily gets Minaj to confirm the appearances of “guaranteed homies” Lil Wayne & Drake and inquires about whether or not Dr. Dre is on her checklist.

“Oh wow,” says Minaj. “I never thought about that, but you know what? That’s a dope idea. Of course I worked with Em on my first album, and of course, I love Em…That would be nice, that would be beautiful.”

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While still no mention of a release date, it’s mind rattling to know that the queen is back to dishing out music, rather than nonsense endeavors she shouldn’t be a part of. We all know the Queen of rap is capable of wowing us once again!

Listen to the whole interview below.

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