Nicki Minaj Turns Up the Heat in Latest Sizzling Pics

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – World famous rapper Nicki Minaj turns up the heat with the latest photos she shared on Instagram.

Nicki Minaj has always had an impressively curvy figure, and she’s never been shy about showing it to her fans onstage and on her social media pages. Still, fans can’t get enough of any update from the superstar, especially since she has taken a hiatus.

The famous rapper treated her fans with some new pics that left her fans drooling, and you can see that in the comments. One follower commented, calling Nicki the queen of everything. Additionally, other fans dropped their appreciation, both of the rapper’s talents and influence in their life and her immense charisma.

Fans can’t help but admire her jaw-dropping cleavage, which the rapper highlighted in the plunging outfit she wore. One fan said that taking the much-needed hiatus paid up for her. In the photo, you can see Nicki Minaj working all angles as she poses beautifully and confidently, sitting on a rock and enjoying the sun.

However, one Instagram user can’t help to criticize the artist’s supposed penchant for plastic surgeries, although she does look great after it.

It’s one of the latest photos that fans got after Nicki supposedly took a hiatus after headlines about her father’s demise. As most fans know, her father tragically died in a hit-and-run accident. It’s been a couple of months since she mourned the loss of her father, and she’s finally sharing about the tragedy.

The rapper got pretty vulnerable as she talked to her supporters, opening up about the painful experience she had to go through. Although Nicki said that she can’t discuss specifics about her father’s passing yet, she shared that what happened was a devastating loss. In addition, the rapper got candid about still wanting to call and talk to her father all the time, even when he’s now gone.

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