Nina Dobrev at the Beach, Shows Off Great Body in Blue Bikini

Los Angeles, California – In an Instagram video that was shared just last Sunday, fans were quite happy with Nina Dobrev at the beach, flaunting her fit beach body during her vacation.

In her Instagram post, The Vampire Diaries star seems to have embraced her great physique in a blue bikini. She captioned the video saying that the beach where she’s at doesn’t believe in winter. This was latest news from the actress after she spent her time campaigning to help fight against shark fin trade which she calls as barbaric. Included in her campaign and advocacy for the said cause is her video for Oceana.

The sky and the water of the beach in the background seem to inspire the Flatliners actress into being with nature. Nina Dobrev at the beach enjoyed wearing a two-piece swimsuit in bright blue, stood on the beach-side rocks, and danced with the lovely beach in the background.

Blue seems to be the favorite color of the actress, and that might be a little bit in line with the cause she actively participates in. Before the video she posted on Instagram, she was also seen wearing blue swimming suit on another video she posted, with her on the waters. There, the actress was more immersed in the ocean where she swam with several sharks.

Nina Dobrev is not just a famous actress, but she is also an active ocean advocate. Her recent video was to raise awareness and help stop the trade of shark fins. In her video, the Bulgarian-born star showed her fearless side by tailing quite a handful of predators with some of them has sizes comparable to her. The actress’ video is in relation to the PSA for Oceana.

Nina Dobrev at the Beach, Shows Off Great Body in Blue Bikini

In the clip, Dobrev opened up about her fears saying that she used to be afraid of sharks, but it changed after she knew the facts. The change of her mind definitely shows as she talks waist-deep in the water with sharks all around her.

The actress also said, as one of the facts she learned, that sharks are one of the reasons that make the ocean healthy. She even continued stating that these predators are not precisely interested in humans and that might be the reason she lost her fear of sharks.

In her statement on the video, Dobrev also added that what is scary is the interest of humans on shark fins.

The film ends with the shot of a particular harbor that is covered with countless of shark fins with other parts carpeted with shark tails that were all sliced off. The photo was completely harrowing, and it hopes to make people understand what is really happening and urge them to make a change.

Nina Dobrev at the beach is not purely about vacation for the actress. She even reported that there are millions of sharks getting prey because of this trade every year, and it is one of the main reasons for their increased risk of extinction.

The actress even pleads for people to join the cause and extend their help for her and Oceana in working on ending shark fin trade and saving sharks. To all of her fans, seeing Nina Dobrev at the beach is for a great cause.

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