No Doubt Sues Activision For Misuse of Guitar Hero Avatars

The band members in No Doubt are upset with the makers of the latest video craze ‘Band Hero’ for turning their band into a “virtual karaoke circus act”.

Those are not my words folks, those are the words that were in the suit filed against Activision by the band. If you remember back in September, millions of Nirvana fans were quite surprised to learn that front man, Kurt Cobain’s avatar in Guitar Hero 5 could not only sing with his normal group, but any other group that the game offered as well. Recently No Doubt made the same discovery and they’re not happy about it, thus resulting in the lawsuit which was filed today in a Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

The suit claims “fraudulent inducement and breach of contract,” and a host of other complaints along with the arguement that the group “was turned into a virtual karaoke circus act.”

The band is also upset while playing the game, any member of the No Doubt band can be seperated from his/her bandmates and made to sing off gender songs. The band attempted to discuss their concerns with the gamemaker and were refused any action to be taken in efforts to correct their concerns. 

Activision believes that the lawsuit holds no ground simply because the members of No Doubt signed a written agreement to allow the makers of Band Hero to use their likeness and names for three of the bands songs on the game. Of course the group does fully acknowledge the fact that they did sign an agreement for the game, but the aforementioned abilities of the avatars were the only thing that they knew would be implemented and not the additional capabilities of changing groups, genders, or being able to sing any song on the game.

It is reported that an executive from Activision stated that it would cost the company too much money to re-do the game resulting in a loss of profits for them. 


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