Occasional Smoker? Think Twice Before Lighting Up.

There are countless people who don’t consider themselves smokers, yet they smoke occasionally. These people are social smokers and often use excuses like, “I only smoke when I am…” drinking, under stress, after a good meal, after good sex. You get the point. They excuse the behavior by minimizing their usage. However, a new study shows that these “non smokers” are at a serious health risk.

According to Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou, research shows that one single cigarette can increase the hardness of the arteries by 25% in people 18 to 30 year olds. Although the difference in arterial firmness was not seen when the test subjects were at rest, the occurrence was pronounced when the body was under physical stress.

While it is easy to write off a few cigarettes when you are out with friends for a few drinks, keep in mind those few puffs can have an immediate and significant effect on your health.

To read more about the research, visit Science Daily


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