OutKast’s Big Boi Weighs In: Are Rankings in Hip Hop Relevant?

In a recent interview, Big Boi shared his perspective on Billboard naming OutKast as the best rap group ever.

The ranking was released at the end of June, placing the duo above other fan-favorites like Wu-Tang Clan, NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, and more.

This list stirred some debate on social media, with some users questioning whether OutKast should be considered a “group” due to their two-member setup.

Nevertheless, since their debut in the ’90s, the duo has made numerous invaluable contributions to hip hop.

During the interview clip, Elliott Wilson asked Big Boi if he still cares about these opinions and rankings.

In response, he said, “It depends on the person’s viewpoint, but I accept it.”

He emphasized subjectivity and pointed out that other music genres like rock don’t engage in such ranking debates.

Big Boi expressed his view that hip hop often fosters a competitive environment among artists, but he advised them to focus on creating great music instead of arguing.

Despite Big Boi’s seemingly unaffected stance on the group’s ranking, the clip reignited the debate on the greatest rap group of all time. As expected, passionate fans of Wu-Tang Clan made their voices heard.

However, many commenters agreed that artists should not be pitted against each other, acknowledging that greatness exists in diverse forms.

While fans would love to witness an OutKast reunion performance, it appears unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In June, Sleepy Brown told TMZ that Andre 3000 is currently focused on his own projects.

He clarified that he and Big Boi are still pursuing tours and other ventures, but he cautioned against getting hopes up for an OutKast reunion, as it’s not in the cards.

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