Peep Renni Rucci & Her New Soild Chick Video

“I’m sorry I ain’t gone help you/You lost a solid b*tch/Stay the f*ck off my phone with all that sorry sh*t/Tell the h*es they can keep you and that sorry d*ck,” Renni raps in her new music video “Solid Chick,” also known as “Solid Bitch,”.

The record toils as a follow-up to February’s “B*tch Do It” produced by Darnell Carr Jr. Since then, she’s been building up her case to be on the 2020 XXL Freshman List.
Cover art for album Solid Bitch by Renni Rucci

“Solid Chick” is the third visual from the eight-track collection. QuickTape features street hits “Play Wit It” and “Bitch Do It.” Featureless, the project follows her 2019 debut, Big Renni, both released on Wolf Pack Global Music. Renni Rucci’s unique mentions are collaborations with Lil Yachty (“Coldhearted”), DJ Luke Nasty (“Candle”), and Cuban Doll (“A.G.F.”).

The video begins with Renni Rucci confronting her deceiving boyfriend, and in ultra-sexy lingerie. Aiming to show him exactly what he just dropped chasing those unnecessary cravings on social media. Rucci shows her versatility on the track as she delivers two different perspectives of her break-up with both a male and female. Providing a balance that thickens that both men and women are equally falsehearted in today’s relationships. As she makes a fiery exit, Rucci raps about the monster they’ve created in her through their teachings. She says, “‘Cause I learned everything I do from you so, bitch, don’t get mad./You like hoes and I like bitches too, I’m back in my bag./Nigga, you weren’t sorry till I found out./So was you really sorry, bitch, or you just sorry ’cause I’m riding out?”
Rucci’s recent wave of music has sparked a definite buzzing for her awaited full-length effort, currently untitled, which is slated for a late-2020 release. Fans have been besieged social media with the supported hashtags  #BigRenni and #WeWantRenni.
Check out Solid Chick below.

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