Play Station 4

Sony Computer Entertainment has always amazed people, with its range of video gaming consoles; named as the Play Station. Over the years the models of Play Stations have evolved greatly.

  • Play Station 1 was the first ever console from Sony. This featured a basic setup with two remotes and a normal graphical processing unit.
  • Play Station 2 was a lot better graphics wise and also compact. The remotes had vibrating effects to increase the pleasure of gaming.
  • Play Station 3 was the benchmark move controller device. This featured a small device which mirrored real life movements in the game.

Since we love to live in the latest and fastest lane this a Play Station 4 review. The proprietary silicon in the PS3 made programming a tough job. The updates were not always smooth and easy. The developers of the PS4 had been noting down all the short comings of the PS3, feature by feature. Hence, they could bring out a better and worthy successor to the monumental PS3. Play Stations are seen in almost every home and they do let families enjoy and friends frolic in the gaming realm. Different types of games for different people are also available.

Digging Deeper Into PS4’s Hardware

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The seven year gap between the launch of the PS3 and PS4 had to be justified in one way or the other. Sony has put its money, where its mouth is and promised to silence all critics at all costs. Last time around, the Sony PS3 was $200 higher than its competitors; like the Xbox and Wii. This time around Sony has worked on the model so that they can sell $100 below all the other competing consoles.

Design wise the PS4 is sleek and beautiful. The angled and accented corners do make it a head turner. The extra large adapter has been adjusted into the console itself so that’s one less bulky thing sitting on the shelf. PS4 is completely digital, with the absence of analog audio and video outputs; where it has been replaced by an HDMI port.

The new and improved 8 core CPU has shown leaps and bounds of improvement; in terms of overall performance. The GPU is powered by an ATI Radeon chipset, which is again an improvement from its successor. The 8GB Gddr5 RAM lets things be smooth and allows multi tasking. The 500GB HDD is also music to the ears of gamers, playing multiple games over a long period of time.

The controllers have been updated as well, the wireless feature has been added and so has a touch pad; above the analog sticks. The new controllers are called DualShock4 and are Sony’s best offer yet. This time the console also provides a mono headset, which makes game commentary and reviews a lot easier.

As for the competition, they all know Sony has definitely upped the ante and they need to pull up their socks as well. This Play Station 4 review has been carefully carried out after prolonged usage of the device.

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