Porsha Williams Drops Hints of Possible New Business Venture

This week, you can say that Porsha Williams’s new business is coming to her fans soon. As you know, she is a very entrepreneurial celebrity.

Porsha Williams owns Go Naked Hair, which offers lashes, hair extensions, wigs, and many more. You also know that this Atlanta, Georgia native is behind Pampered By Porsha, which delivers home decors and other home improvement products.

This week, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted an Instagram snap labeled “Abuja, Nigeria.” With this detail, you can say that the 40-year-old actress and TV personality is in Africa.

Porsha Williams’s new business is possibly a clothing line. After all, when you read the caption for the Instagram pic she shared with her more than 6.6 million Instagram followers, the owner of the @porsha4real account mentioned that she could not wait to view the gowns she would create together with her “new sister.”

Porsha referred to the latter using the Instagram account handle @oramantu. In the Instagram caption, the mother-of-one, who juggles her time as a TV personality and businesswoman, thanked her “new sister” for introducing her to some of the finest designers from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Porsha Williams also mentioned that she enjoyed shopping with her “new sister,” and together, they purchased some beautiful fabrics. With this message Porsha wrote in her Instagram post’s caption, the “Dish Nation” appears to be giving hints.

You bet Porsha Williams’s new business, which can be a gown or dress line, is in the works. Her fans also think the same way.

One of Porsha’s Instagram followers said they could not wait to visit and stock up on fabrics as these materials are their favorite to sew with. Another of Porsha Williams’s fans suggested the celebrity and her “new sister” create some cute winter rompers and jumpers.

This supporter cited that they would love to witness a combination of the American and Nigerian culture. They also said that they have some brilliant ideas for Porsha’s “new sister.”

Finally, besides giving their insights about Porsha Williams’s new business idea, many of her fans praised the TV actress and her “new sister” for looking great in the Instagram snap, which has already amassed almost 68,000 Instagram likes at the time of writing.

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