Pregnant Amy Schumer had to postpone her tour dates after Severe Morning Sickness

Comedian Amy Schumer has been advised by her doctors to stay away from her comedy tour as it could cause serious consequences on her pregnancy. The 37-year-old pregnant comedian and actress had to cancel her scheduled show in Dallas, Texas. Last week Amy was hospitalized after she complained about her morning sickness. Amy’s doctors have advised her to take proper rest as she is suffering from severe case of morning sickness which if ignored can cause grave consequences for her baby.

On last Monday Amy shared her picture on Instagram and told her fans that she had to cancel her three future tour dates. Amy further thanked the people of Pittsburgh and Newark and wrote that she’s feeling fine and will continue her comedy tour. Amy also asks for an apology from the people of Oakland, Seattle, and Phoenix as she has to cancel her tour at present due to the advice of her doctors. The Trainwreck fame actress further informed her fans that she will make up to them real soon and announced that rest of her tour would take place as per scheduled.

When Amy has to cancel her comedy tour in Texas, last week she informed her fans that she’s in the hospital and her baby’s health is fine. Schumer further wrote that she’s planning to re-schedule the whole event as soon as possible. She further complained about her ill health during the second trimester of her pregnancy and asked her fans to forgive her for the inconveniences at present.

Amy Schumer also appraised her doctors and nurses for taking great care of her and her beloved pet dog named Tati. She told her fans that the whole medical team is providing her great care and they are exceptionally great and promised her fans once again for a great show in Texas.

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