Preparations Underway for Drake and Kanye West’s Upcoming Concert

Drake and Kanye West’s upcoming concert is scheduled for this Thursday, December 9. It is a musical event happening at the Los Angeles Coliseum in California.

If you are interested in attending or wanting to know more about Drake and Kanye West’s upcoming concert, it is called the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert. The “Glow” collaborators want to help Larry Hoover, who is currently incarcerated.

He is a 71-year-old gang leader. Additionally, you will learn that Larry Hoover co-founded the Chicago street gang called Gangster Disciples.

He is presently serving six life sentences at the ADX Florence prison in Florence, Colorado. Mr. Hoover was sentenced to 150 to 200 years for a murder he committed in 1973.

He also received a life sentence in 1997 following a 17-year investigation of money laundering, conspiracy, extortion, and running a continuing criminal enterprise for leading the gang from state prison. You will find it interesting that Drake and Kanye West’s upcoming concert is about helping Mr. Hoover.

At the time of writing, a massive stage construction is ongoing in preparation for this musical event. Ye and Drizzy have reportedly reunited and reconciled in Toronto recently.

Drake had also met with Larry Hoover Jr., the son of the benefit concert’s subject, and agreed to perform alongside Kanye Omari West. Furthermore, you will learn from entertainment news outlets that the buzz surrounding Drake and Kanye West’s upcoming concert has grown to epic proportions. 

Concert tickets for the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert were going for approximately US$7,500 last week. Meanwhile, on Twitter, CBS Los Angeles’s John Schreiber shared aerial footage from the Los Angeles Coliseum.

This social media post shows the ongoing stage construction for the December 9 benefit concert. As an avid Kanye West fan, you can tell that this construction site is reminiscent of what you might have seen at Chicago’s Soldier Field, ahead of Kanye West’s final Donda listening session.

At this point, the precise specifications of the concert stage for Drake and Kanye West’s upcoming concert are unknown. However, you can tell that this whole setup will be something that the two rappers’ fans will feel wowed to see this coming Thursday.

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