Queen Naija Releases New Tack “Pack Lite”

July 24th Platinum-certified R&B singer and songwriter Queen Naija shared her new single, “Pack Lite,” from her forthcoming debut album. Produced by Oak. And sampling Erykah Badu’s GRAMMY-nominated hit “Bag Lady.” This track represents giving a man one final ultimatum: “If you don’t get your act together, you might have to ‘Pack lite.'”

“Pack Lite” is the follow-up to “Butterflies Pt. 2,” which has amassed over 33 million linked global streams and entered the top 15 at Urban AC radio. “Butterflies Pt. 2” is the sequel to Queen Naija’s “Butterflies,”. Which was one of three Platinum-certified singles from her self-titled debut EP, released in 2018 by Capitol Music Group? Multi-Platinum artist Wale accompanied Queen on “Butterflies Pt. 2 Remix,” putting a brand-new feeling on the story. This also included a music video that was shot in ATL.
As far as her debut LP goes, the release date or its title has not been confirmed. In an interview on Billboard’s Grammy pre-show in January, Naija revealed why she chose to push the album’s release and expressed about the inspiration behind it. “I decided to push it back because I really was listening to a lot of my supporters. I was just listening to how they wanted it so bad but I just decided to push it back for me because I wanted to experience more sounds and work with more people, ’cause this is my debut album. It has to be everything. It has to be classic,” she said.
Also, sharing on her website that she”…aims to channel more of that real-life emotion into each song.” and “A lot of people make music just to try to get a hit or win Grammys, but for me, it’s about changing people’s perspectives and letting them know they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through,” she says. “I want to make music that captures people, that gets into your soul—the kind of songs you need to keep playing over and over.”


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