Quiet’s Legacy: Stefanie Joosten Reflects on MGSV Role

A decade after its release, “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” Hideo Kojima’s last project for the series, remains a subject of debate among gamers. The discourse often turns to Quiet, a character enacted by Stefanie Joosten, especially in light of creator Kojima’s controversial exit from Konami.

Reflecting on the character’s perception since the game’s debut, Joosten shared with IGN that she has been intrigued by the various interpretations of Quiet. She respects Kojima’s creative decisions, understanding the intention to craft a visually captivating character within a fantasy setting.

She also recognized the gaming community’s desire for more inclusive representation since the game’s release in 2015. The pre-launch criticism of Quiet centered on her skimpy costume, which critics argued was an unnecessary addition of sex appeal. Kojima’s defense of the design, implying critics would later feel remorse, only stoked the flames.

Upon the game’s release, the narrative explained Quiet’s attire as a necessity for her photosynthetic abilities, following a mutation due to a Vocal Cord Parasite. Despite this context, some gamers felt the justification was weak.

Quiet became a favorite ally for players to utilize in-game despite the controversy. Joosten herself saw Quiet’s attire as impractical, even with the given explanation. However, she accepted the outfit within the game’s fantasy realm and voiced support for broader diversity in video game character representation.

Proud of her role in MGSV, Joosten remains open to working with Kojima in the future. Quiet stands as a powerful character, her portrayal a mixture of complexity and contention.

As the “Metal Gear Solid” series resurfaces with new releases, the debates surrounding MGSV and Quiet are likely to continue, ensuring the game’s place in ongoing gaming conversations.

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