R. Kelly Behind The Bars Once Again

R. Kelly, R & B Singer is once again behind the bars following an interview for he fails to pay child support to his ex-wife amounting to $160,000. He got arrested later in Chicago in Illinois hour following the new TV interview in America. He owes $160000 to his ex-wife and his failure to pay the same led to the imprisonment. Kelly is held back in Cook County Jail till he pays the amount to his ex-wife and this will be followed by an appearance in the court on Wednesday.

Sophia Ansari, the Office Spokeswoman of Cook County Sheriff has already confirmed that Kelly is taken into custody and would be soon transferred to the county jail. The next court hearing will take place on the 13th March regarding this child support matter. Darrell Johnson, Kelly’s Publicist has confirmed that client Kelly arrived on the hearing day and was prepared to pay $60000 for child support. But, this offer was turned down by the judge who wanted him to make the full payment on one go.

R. Kelly

The hitmaker of ‘The I Believe I Can Fly’ spent nearly the entire weekend in the jail last month for he could not raise a bail following the sexual assault of 4 women where 3 were underage at the time of the assault. As he has charges of assaulting 4 women, times can prove difficult for Kelly.

Kelly is constantly dogged by sexual abuse charges following the assault and is linked to maligning documental series ‘Surviving R Kelly’. This morning on Tuesday, he appeared for an interview which was emotionally-charged. This interview took place with CBC following which he got arrested. His talks with Gayle King got aired just before a few hours he got arrested.

There are multiple claims against Kelly that includes sexual assault, kidnapping cases and so he broke down during the interview.

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Last update was on: July 20, 2023 11:10 pm

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