Rad Blaster MP3 Player/Flash Drive

I absolutely love this MP3 player. It’s not like the others on the market. The Rad Blaster looks like a normal boom box but only a quarter (if that) of the size. The device is about the same size as a computer mouse and can play your music out of both speakers. Another feature is that unlike iPod or any most other MP3 players, you can record audio and store at least 2 GB by using, in my opinion, one of the neatest features about this player which is if you pull away one of the speakers, you’ll reveal the USB connector which can be plugged into any computer so that you download your favorite songs onto it. 

Here are some of the specs on the device: 

– 1″ true color OLED screen 128*64
– MP3/WMA/WAV audio format-
– Support lyric synchronization display
– Built-in MIC w/ hi-fi record & repeat
– 7 EQ (natural, rock, pop, etc)
– Multiple languages
– Multiple playback modes
– High speed USB 2.0 (FS) interface
– Built-in high quality speakers
– Headphones port

Buy the Rad Blaster now at RadBlasters.com for $59.99

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