RadioShack Exploring Possible Sale or Merger

Today the New York Post reported that national electronics retailer Radioshack is exploring its future direction. Several options are on the table. One possibility is using the company’s $900 million in cash to buy back shares. Another is seeking a merger with or acquisition by another electronics retailer. One name that came up as a possible candidate is Best Buy, which has been making a strong push in developing new opportunities. Best Buy has added dedicated floor space to Best Buy Mobile in its big box retail stores. Best Buy has been looking for a way to expand its mobile sales footprint, and believes that selling mobile devices is important to its future. One way it could to that is to acquire Radioshack and rebrand all Radioshack stores as Best Buy Mobile stores. Radioshack sales mobile devices and service plans from the top U.S. providers and recently began offering the Apple iPhone at all is stores.

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