Rapist smirks, then cries after getting 12-year sentence for attack of prostitute

He walked in smiling and left crying.

A bawling rapist turned on the waterworks Thursday, begging for forgiveness and claiming he’d turned over a new leaf.

But Kevin Rios’ blubbering didn’t sway the judge, who slapped him with a 12-year sentence for the May 2006 gunpoint attack on a prostitute.

“This was a crime of extreme violence and cowardice committed against a defenseless victim,” said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber.

Rios and another man robbed and raped a 30-year-old hooker – who testified about how he bragged he would never get caught because she was a woman “nobody cared about.”

He came into the courtroom smiling and nodded to his mom but began sobbing as he offered an apology of sorts.

“I don’t know what I’d do if that was my sister,” Rios said.

He wailed to the court about his “loving and supportive family.”

“I also wish to help others,” Rios said through his tears, claiming he someday hopes to help kids and work in a clothing store.

Prosecutors laid into Rios, labeling him a conniving sicko who didn’t see his prey as “a legitimate victim” because she worked the streets.

“She was afraid she was going to be killed – and rightfully so,” said Assistant District Attorney Coleen Balbert.

“The defendant has affected [the victim’s] life forever,” she said. “This crime was a particularly brutal and vicious act.”

The judge didn’t spare him either, pointing out that Rios is already serving 15 years to life for another rape.

He blasted Rios for his “absurd” testimony that the sex acts were consensual.

“He has never once taken responsibility for either of his actions,” the judge said.

Rios almost got away with the crime.

Cops did not make an arrest after the initial report. He was only charged after raping a Harlem baby-sitter in 2008 and DNA linked him to the hooker.

The victim did not speak at the sentencing, but Balbert said she was grateful that jurors had convicted her tormentor.

“Her words to me were, ‘I’m so happy they saw me as a person and not as a prostitute, ‘” the prosecutor said.

“Because of her courage, her strength and her determination, she’s an inspiration to all victims who are afraid to report rape because of her status in society.”

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